MTV Copycat Episode 11 Megan Betley

Finally uploaded some clips from my episode of MTV’s singing competition show “Copycat” onto youtube so I thought I’d blog a little bit about the experience. The idea of the show is that aspiring singers come on & try to imitate their favorite singer or an artist that they admire. There are 6 contestants copycatting 3 different artists per episode but only two people get to compete in the final to win $5000. They first battle against someone singing the same artist. The audience votes on who embodied them the best. After 3 rounds of this, the two winners with the highest scores get a “big cat chair” and a chance to be in the final round. Before the final, those two are made over to look like the artist they’re embodying. The audience votes again after a final song at who “copycatted” them the best. My artist was Sara Bareilles and after making it to the final round, I came in second place by .7 of a point! Overall, it was a whirlwind experience and really taught me alot about what goes on behind the scenes at these singing game shows. I hope you enjoy the clips – the full episode will be up in its entirety & better quality on in about a month.