Update: August 2012

Finishing up my summer up here in NYC! Got to do some incredible things:

  • – like be an extra in the Gaslight Anthem video!
  • – get some audition experience 🙂
  • – go to MTV studios & see the taping of a new show (front row too!)
  • – take an acting class AND a music business course!
  • – see Alexz Johnson LIVE (died. she is SO talented!!)
  • – watch the filming of HBO’s “Girls” in Washington Square (also died!)
  • – so many more things I couldnt think of while writing this !! haha

BUT I’m excited for what the Fall has to offer me!

  • – Possibly some recording time in a studio 🙂
  • – Planning to get my butt back on the road in October!
  • – shows shows shows NEW MUSIC shows

    I’ll keep everyone posted! <3