About Me

Megan Betley is an acoustic rock & soul artist based in in Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Wilmington, DE, Megan studied piano & music theory as a child and transitioned into songwriting & guitar as a teen. In 2009, she recorded her first demo in West Chester, PA & followed up with “The Bittersweet Revenge EP” (2011) & “Dangerous Places EP” (2012) respectively.

In June 2014, Megan was a featured performer on MTV’s singing show “Copycat”. After she released her debut full length album “Shake the Dust”(2015) on iTunes & followed up with a 2 month bi-coastal tour. In 2016, Megan recorded her first music video single “Alone With My Thoughts” from EP “Smoke Signals”.

Megan’s upcoming album “From the Ashes” is set to release December 2, 2020. It reflects on issues such as struggling with depression, anxiety and the overwhelming impact of growing older. Beautifully interwoven, the album flows in synchronicity taking the listener on a journey of self-recovery along with the artist. The opening track “stars fall” cracks open the mind during a monotonous day-to-day struggle of depression and loss of inspiration. Songs “when you were mine” and “wolves & love” are beautiful homages to heartbreak and the feeling of loneliness that all too often accompanies it. The album hits a turning point with “to whom it may concern” and “when they lay me down” in which the artist contemplates the eternal questions that plague us: “What do I matter? What is it all for? Is this all I’ll ever be?” The album’s title song “from the ashes” marks yet another turning point. With inspirational tones of rising like a phoenix from the ashes, it focuses on the difficult task of standing up once again and fighting back against not only inner demons but overcoming adversity. The album ends on a high note with it’s sole love ballad “silver stitches”.

Shake the Dust: