NPR Tiny Desk Contest

Hello beautiful people!
Please watch & share the video of my song “Weightless” off of upcoming album “Shake the Dust”! I’ve entered it into NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest for a chance to perform in Austin, TX & perform in the Tiny Desk Series at NPR HQ! (ahh!)

A little about Weightless: I wrote the song at a very low point in my life. I think we need to talk about those rough moments when you look in the mirror and just can’t stand what you see, however awkward the conversation might make you feel. There are so many people out there struggling just to get up every day because they feel like the elephant in the room is sitting on their chest. It’s hard to breath. The weight feels so heavy. But those moments pass. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next week. But eventually, if you fight through it. You might not ever like what you see in the mirror, but if you can come to terms with it….the battles not lost.

Again thanks for sharing, xoxo.
ps; 6 days! #ShakeTheDust