New Beginnings

After an incredible 2 month tour post release of “Shake the Dust” I took a much needed break to get myself back to where I needed to be mentally and physically. I’ve gotten back to writing again and am in the stages of preproduction on what will be my next project. I hope to have some more information and a timeline available for you all soon.


Shake the Dust – Tour & Indie GoGo

Singer/DIY musician/traveling gypsy working hard to write, record, release, promote & book myself for 5 years now. As some of you may know, I just self distributed & released my full length debut album “Shake the Dust” on iTunes.
It’s been a whirlwind but I’m so thankful for all your kind words & support. I’m even more excited to announce the “Shake the Dust” tour! I will be kicking it off in LA Feb 11th & heading to Austin, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, & over to the East Coast for some dates as well. It is truly an amazing opportunity for me to put my music out there & be seen and heard by a variety of different audiences in places I’ve never been. I’m looking forward to serenading every single city I can get to & I believe this is where I should be and what I should be doing.

Touring is hands down one of my favorite experiences, but it also can be tough. Especially when the travel expenses, living accommodations, gas, food, etc are all self funded. So I’m asking for your help. Please don’t feel obligated, I appreciate any & all support – a little bit goes a very long way. For those of you who can’t I totally understand, trust me. For those of you who can, your support honestly means the world and I couldn’t be more grateful that you believe in me. Thank you.

Stay gold. Xo.

Megan B

Shake the Dust now out!

Happy Friday everyone! Its been a whirlwind past few days but “Shake the Dust” is now available on iTunes, Cd Baby, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, & more! You name it, hopefully it’ll be on it!

To buy from iTunes : Megan Betley on iTunes

To buy from CD Baby: Megan Betley on CD Baby

To buy a physical copy on Bandcamp: “Shake the Dust” CD disc

And to stream thru Spotify: Megan Betley on Spotify

Thank you so much for your support, lets promote this baby & get it trending!!


NPR Tiny Desk Contest

Hello beautiful people!
Please watch & share the video of my song “Weightless” off of upcoming album “Shake the Dust”! I’ve entered it into NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest for a chance to perform in Austin, TX & perform in the Tiny Desk Series at NPR HQ! (ahh!)

A little about Weightless: I wrote the song at a very low point in my life. I think we need to talk about those rough moments when you look in the mirror and just can’t stand what you see, however awkward the conversation might make you feel. There are so many people out there struggling just to get up every day because they feel like the elephant in the room is sitting on their chest. It’s hard to breath. The weight feels so heavy. But those moments pass. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next week. But eventually, if you fight through it. You might not ever like what you see in the mirror, but if you can come to terms with it….the battles not lost.

Again thanks for sharing, xoxo.
ps; 6 days! #ShakeTheDust


Hey guys!

I’m excited to announce my album will be on iTunes & other digital platforms January 22nd. It’s a project I’ve put my heart & soul (…and sanity) into the past year & it would mean the world to me if you checked it out. I will also be doing some touring to promote it, details to come. Please share if you can & check out my fan page Megan Betley to stay updated! As always, your support keeps me going <3

#ShakeTheDust #MeganBetley

Megan Betley – Shake the Dust

November Updates

New covers up on soundcloud! Stream & download them right here :)

Also got some shots back from the photo shoot…loving the look of them! Thanks to Briana Lewis Photography for her lovely work :)

Megan Betley “Shake the Dust” album coming soon!

Release date & other details coming soon…look out for “Shake the Dust”!