November Updates

New covers up on soundcloud! Stream & download them right here :)

Also got some shots back from the photo shoot…loving the look of them! Thanks to Briana Lewis Photography for her lovely work :)

Megan Betley “Shake the Dust” album coming soon!

Release date & other details coming soon…look out for “Shake the Dust”!

From September to October

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to write a quick little update about the past month. Hard to believe its already Fall! But the summer was a perfect time to write and September was a really great month. I had the opportunity to play two showcases and both were an amazing time! I traveled up to San Francisco to play a woman’s singer/songwriter showcase September 18th at 50 Mason Social House and it was great. All the performers were lovely and fantastic and the city was absolutely gorgeous. I loved exploring all the neighborhoods and seeing all the sights (like the house from Full House duh)…and I got to see some family as well which is always wonderful! On September 23rd we had Happypalooza 2.0 at the Happy Ending Bar in Hollywood and it was kick ass as well. Tons of talent & fun. Now it’s back to recording! Almost finished up with the new album and I can’t wait to give you guys some new tunes :) Hopefully will have a release date for you soon!

As always thanks for your support!


MTV Copycat Episode 11 Megan Betley

Finally uploaded some clips from my episode of MTV’s singing competition show “Copycat” onto youtube so I thought I’d blog a little bit about the experience. The idea of the show is that aspiring singers come on & try to imitate their favorite singer or an artist that they admire. There are 6 contestants copycatting 3 different artists per episode but only two people get to compete in the final to win $5000. They first battle against someone singing the same artist. The audience votes on who embodied them the best. After 3 rounds of this, the two winners with the highest scores get a “big cat chair” and a chance to be in the final round. Before the final, those two are made over to look like the artist they’re embodying. The audience votes again after a final song at who “copycatted” them the best. My artist was Sara Bareilles and after making it to the final round, I came in second place by .7 of a point! Overall, it was a whirlwind experience and really taught me alot about what goes on behind the scenes at these singing game shows. I hope you enjoy the clips – the full episode will be up in its entirety & better quality on in about a month.



Hello loves!
It’s been quite an exciting and busy past couple of weeks! At the end of May I posted a new Youtube cover video so please check it out ! I kicked off June with a show at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd Wednesday the 4th – overall a great night! Premiered some new material & some new covers . I also posted an acoustic cover of Bright Eyes’ “First Day of My Life” up on bandcamp available for download/streaming

& The BIG news I promised – I was on an episode of MTV’s new singing competition show “Copycat” on June 10th! Still working on a way to get videos of the episode or clips up but THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED! It was definitely an interesting learning experience and hopefully I can upload pictures soon!

This Sunday June 22nd I will be playing in a showcase at Saddle Ranch in Universal Studios. Really looking forward to playing some new material & serenading some lovely faces :)

Til next time, xoxo!