road diary #5

  • greetings from Nashville! played a show in Chicago Friday night…decent little venue, interesting crowd. drove to Wisconsin after & got to spent the weekend hanging there! awesome time off, drank boots at all the cool Madison bars!
  • Sunday we started the drive down South. got to see more of Illinois & Iowa. we decided to check out this roadside attraction called “Snake Alley”…basically its the curviest steepest alley way in America…we’re always down for cheap weird tourist attractions. you know you’ve officially lost your minds when you listen to the same Christmas mix CD on repeat for hours….Monday we kept driving down to Missouri to St. Louis. went to the free zoo there which is apparently rated #1 in the country. loved it! also got to see the St. Louis arch…then further south. 
  • Tuesday aka today we just got to Nashville. about to check into the hotel in a little then i’m sure go exploring. here til Thursday morning then show in Johnson City Thursday night!
  • time to go get my couuuntry on…xoxo

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