road diary #4

  • Monday/Tuesday: Canada was pretty interesting…we saw Niagara Falls (beautiful) & found out driving in Toronto is basically the equivalent of driving into NYC aka traffic for days. but the city was still pretty cool, loved Kensington Market & all the vintage shops!
  • Wednesday Oct 17th: Saginaw, Michigan. played a show at the Hamilton Street Pub. cool venue! afterwards we actually got to stay in a hotel! which was exciting cause we usually sleep in the car…I forgot how wonderful beds & showers are!
  • Thursday we decided to check out Frankenmuth, Michigan aka one of america’s hidden GEMS! HUGE christmas land store & awesome Bavarian village! we went to the Cheese Haus & got free samples of chocolate cheese (weird…ly delicious) & got to see the breweries, fudge & taffy shoppes…definitely a place you MUST go
  • Friday: I’m sitting at a rest stop on top of the highway in Chicago…show tonight at the Elbo Room! looking forward to it! then after that we’re driving to Madison, WI to spend the weekend with one of my best friends.
  • third week of tour coming to an end….home next week. feels so crazy….im not sure I remember how to have a real life haha I guess we’ll see.
  • xoxo

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