road diary #3

  • after an awesome show in Providence, we drove up to Albany. because i’m so lucky, our car battery ended up dying so we had to get it jumped & buy a new one. but oh well! Tuesday played open mic at Emack & Bolios (awesome coffee/icecream/novelty toys shop) & Wednesday McGeary’s Pub. after we decided to stop at a random bar & it turned out to be karaoke night! hilarious & disasterous all at once.
  • Thursday we headed further up to Rochester. played an open mic at Boulder Coffee, met tons of people & gave out lots of CDs 🙂 🙂 Friday I played a show at Abilene Bar & Lounge in downtown Rochester. Saturday I did my first radiosession!! it was for WITR 89.7, RIT’s college radio station. super cool! thanks to my cousin Phil for hooking me up!
  • tomorrow I believe we’ll be venturing up to Canada for a few days! which will be sweet because i’ve never been out of the country. and then its onward to Michigan!
  • xoxo
  • Brooklyn, Providence, West Hartford, Albany

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