road diary #2

conquered Philly October 1st, Brooklyn October 3rd, & West Hartford CT October 4th…its been quite a whirlwind week. the show in Brooklyn was at this really artsy type venue called Goodbye Blue Monday. it had the coolest records and posters and books…the neighborhood was a little sketch buttt we made it out alive and made the drive to Connecticut that night.
the next day we pretty much just explored & shopped in CT all day…they had at least 4 pizza shops per block and I spent the whole time pretending I was on Gilmore Girls and looking for all the places on the show hahah. we of course scouted out some great happy hours during the day before the show. the venue was an awesome little pizza cafe called backstage pizza. the weather was absolutely terrible but all the people were super nice & friendly and definitely took care of us.
day off today, hanging in Massachusetts with family. went on a great early morning run, the weather is gorgeous this time of year in new england!
show tmrw night in Providence, RI at AS220! super excited!

If you’re interested in supporting the tour while we’re out on the road, consider purchasing the Tour Diary Demos on bandcamp that I’m selling on tour. Also all of the other music on my bandcamp is for sale as well.Ā 

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